Holistic Recovery Treats the Body, Mind and Spirit

"The Body is of Christ"...Colossians 2:17

Recovery involves healing the mind, spirit and body. Physical fitness though diet, exercise, prayer and meditation is a powerful intervention in recovering from any illness and addiction is no exception. To be physically healthy means our brain is healthy too, and is as important as any other aspect of recovery. Physical and mental exercise is a proven intervention for improving the mind's ability to heal from the long term brain damage associated with the disease of addiction.

We believe our bodies are the temple of God. We are His dwelling place on earth and our program for recovery includes keeping our bodies and minds healthy. This is our reasonable sacrifice and service to Him Who created us and gives us life to be lived for His plan and purposes. We assist our members in developing appropriate holistic healthcare interventions for both physical and mental health wellness.

For clients who reside in one of our Cobb County recovery residences, we have a relationship with a local gym complete with every machine and free weight option one can imagine. Monthly memberships are as low as $10.00. Their professional trainers teach our residents how to work a safe and proven program of exercise and we heartily encourage everyone to participate. Recovery Residence clients in Cobb County also have access to a private swimming pool between Memorial Day and Labor Day

Sober living requires sober thinking in our recovery from the disease of addiction. Our transitional living experience introduces many to the concept and practice of daily prayer and meditation as a means of communicating with God and exercising the brain. Both are measurably effective interventions during and after receiving short term recovery for addiction. And they significantly contribute to the many other benefits associated with long term sober living.