Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

"Our mission is to serve God in fulfilling Christ's Great Commission by rising up and equipping disciples out of the ranks of those afflicted by substance abuse and its related emotional disorders."

Surrendering one's life and will to the absolute lordship of Jesus Christ and following His plan for one's life is God's design for achieving victory in every facet of life. There is no other Way, Truth, or Life apart from Jesus Christ. John 14:6

Jesus teaches that the way to greatness is through servitude. Mark 10:44 tells us it is by keeping God and others in the forefront of our life that we are able to love Him, ourselves and others. This is God's Greatest Commandment. Matthew 22:37-40

Substance abuse and its related disorders are only symptoms of a much greater condition which afflicts us all, sin. The root of sin is pride and self-centeredness. God's Word, The Bible, teaches us that sin and its destructive consequences can be overcome by nurturing a vibrant and sustaining relationship with God through Jesus Christ and in doing so we will be witnesses to the world of the love of God. John 13:35

Seeing lives delivered from the bondage of sin, substance abuse and emotional disorders is but part of the mission to which God has called us, and it is both gratifying and rewarding. However, the sustaining element of victory and sobriety lies in taking God's life changing truth to others who suffer from this disease. This requires empathy, compassion and equipping others to do the same. This too lies within the core of our program and is the true measure of our accomplishments at His House.

Ready for Change?

We know that His House isn't for everyone. Scripture tells us that "many are called, but few are chosen." We believe that in order to truly succeed at anything requires more than a half-hearted commitment and that everyone deserves the opportunity to rise to their fullest potential. So, we extend that opportunity to those who are up to the challenge and ask you to pray and carefully consider the offer set before you now.

Ask yourself these questions. Are you willing to put the past behind you and ready to make a complete change in the way you think and behave? Are you willing to agree with God that it's time to start doing things His way instead of your own? Can you humble yourself and admit that your past has brought you to where you are today and that its not how you want to live the rest of your life? Will you submit yourself to God and become a student of His will for your life? Finally, are you ready to utterly surrender control and accept what God wants for you? If you can answer yes to all these questions we earnestly want to help you and hope you will contact us today.