Opiate Step-Down Program

Opiate addiction is on the rise in unprecedented numbers. Prescription pain medications and heroin are easier to obtain than ever. The strength and purity of these substances are greater and so are the numbers of deaths associated with their use. Withdrawal from opiates, although seldom fatal, is a painful and sickening process. The very idea of it creates a fear in the addict which perpetuates the prolonged use and risk associated with using such drugs. In the past, addicts wanting to discontinue using these substances had few resources available which made the withdrawal experience bearable, not to mention, comfortable.

Fortunately, advances in medicine have made it possible now for addicts to safely and comfortably discontinue the use of opiates. Although medications such as Methadone, Buprenorprine, Vivitrol and Naltrexone can reduce or eliminate the symptoms of withdrawal and even assist in reducing relapse, they aren't a replacement for the skills needed by the addict to remain in recovery, or drug free.

At His House we understand the complexities associated with long term opiate use and withdrawal. As a result we have developed an opiate step-down program that works alongside of our long term residential program of discipleship and recovery. By working with a psychiatric addictionologist who directs and monitors the medical aspects of the program, our recovery staff can more effectively reach and teach our residents the spiritual principles and recovery skills necessary for the resident to maintain their recovery and live in spiritual victory over the causes and consequences of their disease, as well as, live a full and productive life.

The cost associated with our Discipleship Program of Recovery remains unchanged at $9,600.00 per year, $200 per week, or $800 per month plus our $500.00 initial Intake Fee. The medical costs associated with the opiate step-down program is additional and varies with income, insurance, and medications. If you would like more information, please contact us.