Recovering Families

Recovering Families

Statistics show that every addict negatively affects seven other people. In the case of one who is married, this number includes their wife and children. His House Ministries Recovery Process provides the opportunity for healing and reconciliation to take place in these families and the hope that the cycle of addiction will be broken. Family Recovery is a program within the recovery program in which each married Client and their Spouse voluntarily enters into. Each weekend, during the ten month time of the recovery program, the wife and children are allowed to come to His House Ministries and participate in classes and counseling.

The first phase of the Family Recovery Process includes a series of classes such as Co-dependency, Forgiveness, the Bottle Family (The Portrait of the Dysfunctional Family) and Reconciliation. Classes are held on Saturday mornings and small groups gather in the afternoon. These groups are essential in the healing process allowing the husband and wife to deal with the presenting problems of anger, rejection, abandonment and the deep hurt that comes along with the fight against chemical addiction. Once the couple has completed this phase they are ready to move to the Marriage Enrichment Class.

Marriage Enrichment Class takes a couple into the deeper areas of marriage to discover what it means to have a Christ-centered relationship. It’s as though they enter the class carrying an empty “tool box” without the tools required to get the marriage-building job done. Through the classes and exercises soon the “tool box” begins to fill up. Strong foundations are laid discovering what spiritual intimacy in marriage is all about. The two individuals begin opening up to each other through sharing their spiritual ups and downs, praying together conversationally and listening, as a couple, for God’s specific directions for them. Week by week God equips and trains the husband and wife in the “how to’s” of doing marriage a new way…His way!

Phase Three - Discipleship Marriage

The final phase of the Family Recovery Process is the Discipleship Marriage class. During this time, the couple prepares an exit plan, which gives them the best opportunity for success once they leave His House. This plan covers such topics as finances and preparing a budget, accountability, household and parental responsibilities and the need to connect to a local body of believers to grow in Christ. His House’s Family Recovery Process is very special and offers a unique opportunity for a family to experience complete regeneration in their relationships.