Recovery Program

Recovery Program

His House Recovery Residence Atlanta has an open ended transitional living program where one has long term support for as long as one embraces sober living, remains current with program fees and gets along with the other house members. Recovery takes time. Here is a sober living home where one can take all the time one needs to heal, gain strength and succeed.

Current data supporting best practices states that optimum outcomes (85-90%) occur following 13 months of continued treatment. Our program requires an initial 12 month financial commitment with successful program completion and graduation following 12 months of uninterrupted sobriety. Upon completion of the 12 month initial commitment, program fees and services are calculated on a month to month basis.

His House begins the transitional living process by helping meet our client's basic needs such as food, clothing, personal hygiene, job placement assistance, health insurance and healthcare. Clients entering the program who are still active in their disease, or not yet in recovery, should first be non-medically detoxed if necessary and when possible. Detox for Alcohol or Benzodiazepines should be medically performed by a healthcare facility. Often this is accomplished by visiting an emergency room, physician or a detox facility. His House facilitates up to 28 Days in a substance abuse treatment facility to insure a safe transition to Recovery. Upon entering our Recovery Residence, all clients who have not recently undergone any form of treatment and qualify, enter the 16-week Intensive Outpatient Program while in residence and in conjunction with our Program of Recovery. The IOP is followed up by up to an additional 36 weeks of individual therapy with a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Once stabilized, clients begin engaging life skills like employment, education, discipleship, goal setting, communication skills, career choices, personal finances and family living. We stress personal responsibility and pride of ownership of one's person, place and things by assigning household chores, responsibilities and timetables for completion.

Like many halfway house programs, our recovery residence engages clients in community outreach and recreational activities like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Celebrate Recovery meetings. Attendance and involvement in church related activities, mid-week Bible study groups and group outings with family and other clients are a necessary part of our program. We encourage family involvement and permit day and overnight visits with family members, all of which should be therapeutic and teach our clients how to enjoy sober living without the presence of destructive substances, addiction and high-risk activities.

Sober living is simply "normal!" And so is accountability. Especially when one lives in a sober house with other sober people. Every person living in our recovery residence is held accountable by everyone in our program to stay sober and carry out our mission. So we employ tools like rules, urine drug screens, schedules and meetings to keep our environment safe and serene. Our ultimate goal is to transition our clean and sober clients from a life of chaos and destructive consequences into mainstream life complete with beauty, freedom, spiritual victory and success.

Celebrate Recovery! Our Program of Recovery Includes: