Private, Individual and Family Addiction Counseling & Coaching Services

Addiction is a disease that affects the client's entire sphere of influence, especially their family constellation. Although victims, the family often unwittingly contributes to the cause of the client's condition through their lack of knowledge and understanding of the disease process, family history, codependence, enablement and more. Too often addiction becomes a family disease that wreaks havoc upon the lives of every member of the family.

Our staff offers individuals and families help and hope with recovery in a private setting by Board Certified Christian counselors and recovery coaches who are trained to meet the specific needs of those whose lives are torn by effects of the disease of addiction. By combining the truths and promises in Scripture with current medical science, we focus the causes and effects that perpetuate the disease in our clients' lives and families with the goal of arresting and terminating the cycle of addiction.

In addition to addressing our clients' substance abuse disorders, we offer professional psychiatric and psychological care by licensed professionals who address underlying and co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar mania, schizophrenia and others. These disorders are addressed as primary factors alongside of the substance abuse disorders with the aide of psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy.

We can meet with you and/or members of your family on a scheduled basis in the privacy of our offices. We offer individual and group counseling sessions in a Christ-like confidential setting. We also provide aftercare for clients emerging from our care in order to reinforce the skills they attain while being helped during their inpatient setting.

FACTS: Medical science has proven beyond question the sobering fact that successful remedies for the disease of addiction include a lifelong process of maintaining remission. Addiction, diabetes, asthma and high blood pressure all share some commonalities. The incidence of lapse, relapse and mortality are precisely identical when left untreated on a continual lifetime basis. What's more alarming is the fact that only 2 out of 10 addicts and alcoholics who fail to receive ongoing care survive the disease.

Current data supporting best practices states that optimum outcomes (85-90%) occur following 13 months of continued recovery. Our program requires an initial 12 month financial commitment with successful program completion and graduation following 12 months of uninterrupted sobriety. Upon completion of the 12 month initial commitment, program fees and services are calculated on a month to month basis.

If you or someone you love needs help, don't wait another day to start exploring recovery options. Help is available today. We offer both residential and outpatient services at affordable rates that make recovery available to nearly every individual and family. You can schedule an appointment to meet with our staff by calling us at 770.312.2598