What our clients say about us

No amount or medium of advertising can communicate what we do, or how well it's done, as effectively as the heartfelt commentaries and testimonies of our clients. Below are just a few of the sentiments expressed in the words of those we love and serve. More will soon be added, so feel free to check back later.

"Growing up in an abusive and alcoholic home I became acquainted with consequences associated with dysfunctional living at an early age. Such neglect resulted in an aimless childhood which reached well into my adult life leaving me lost and searching for meaning in life. Substance abuse only contributed to deeper pain and sorrow. When my mother became chronically ill, for many years, I became her sole source of daily care. When she died I found myself alone an uncertain as to what would become of my life.

When I was introduced to His House Ministries I knew I belonged here. I saw a distinct difference in the lives of those living here and wanted what they have. I received Christ as my Savior and made Him Lord of my life. I became surrounded by people who genuinely loved me and I became a disciple of Jesus Christ. I fell in love with the Word of God and a wonderful Bible believing Church where I found my place of service.

Today I live a free and abundant life knowing the peace of God and His plan for my life. My life has become a success story of the love, acceptance and direction I received through the ministry of His House."

Shawn Miller

"Though I’ve been known as thinking man for quite a number of years, addiction was not something I could reason my way out of. That is because currently there is no cure for the disease of addiction. This has never been more powerfully felt than when Kevin Weikum presented evidence from a Doctor’s viewpoint (as part of the program) that helped me understand the well-established truths upon which I now stand.

You want to build a life, but you can’t build anything if you start with weakness. And nothing worth building stands upon a foundation of sand. Your life once built, demands to be given away. These are the types of Christian truths encouraged by the staff at His House Ministries. True liberation from the bondage of addiction can be found here, and it’s with no small amount of enthusiasm that I encourage anyone to “get into this program”. It’s local, flexible, affordable, Christ-centered (so it has a point), and best of all, it works if you work it.

It’s my personal experience that Kevin is an excellent counselor, and he and the staff make themselves wonderfully accessible to the clients in the program. This is also one of the few ministries that seeks to serve male and female addicts and alcoholics. I strongly support the vision of this ministry and hold Kevin and Kathy Weikum in extremely high regard."

Eric J.

"When I was told by my sister that she found me a faith based rehab, I rolled my eyes and thought "oh no!" But I could not have been more wrong. After 11 years of living to get high on drugs. I had hit bottom. I went to jail 3 times in 1 year at age 50. His House Ministries has given me a new lease on life by showing me how living for God I can truly thrive, not just survive.
Thank you, Kevin and Kathy, for all you have given me!"

Sean M.

"In 2011 my world fell apart. In March my mother died, in June my marriage of 21 years ended, and then in September my 21 year old daughter died of a heroin overdose. I lost my home and all material possessions. I began to self-destruct using whatever drug I could get my hands on.

Being afraid that I too would become a statistic, my older sister moved me from IN. to GA. Although moving to Georgia got me off the streets of Indiana , it did not resolve my chemical dependence. Once again, I was in the streets using and abusing until I finally ended up in Gwinnett County Jail.

Upon my release I was very discouraged, having nowhere to go, no transportation and no money. I was alone and felt hopeless. It seemed my only option was to return to the only life I knew – the “street life”.

Fortunately, before that happened I saw a post on Face Book for “His House Ministries”. I sent a text to the director telling him my situation and asking for help. He responded letting me know there was a bed available for me. That was the beginning of my new life.

I now have a place to call home. I am getting the help I need to overcome chemical dependency. I am also learning life skills that are enabling me to become a productive member of society. I have maintained sobriety longer than I ever have. I am now employed and feel very positive because of the guidance and support I have been receiving.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. His House Ministries means everything to me…it is hope, reconciliation, recovery and a life filled with promise."

Christine M.

Hello, my name is Tim and I am a Recovered Alcoholic and Drug Addict. I'm sure there will be some controversy over my using the word "Recovered," but that is exactly what Jesus has done for me. I am recovered in body, mind, spirit and soul! Don't get me wrong, for if I would choose to pick up a drink, I know that would be a death sentence for me. Jesus has taken all alcoholic urges from me and has restored me with a peace of mind that I never dreamed of having. In retrospect, I can attribute much of my spiritual growth to time I spent in Kevin Weikum's "His House" Recovery Center, along with special friendships with Kevin himself; Bill and Bob (Teachers) and Frankie (Roommate) in the same program. Jesus has also healed me from: Bipolar Disorder, severe Panic and Anxiety Disorder, Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia, MAC Lung Infection, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I am a still a clean freak though, which serves me well because I clean houses now for a living. I don't however have to check my door 20 times to make sure it's locked, etc. I also had Yellow Jaundice due to alcohol overriding my liver. At times my body would bloat up to 30 to 40 pounds, my eyes and skin would be yellow, and I was in a great deal of pain. Speaking of my liver, I also had Hepatitis C for over 20 years and was going to go on the new treatment (supposedly a guaranteed cure) just a couple of months ago in February 2015 through the VA Hospital in Decatur, GA. At the last moment during final testing before starting treatment, I was told my liver on a scale from 1 to 5, 5 being the worst, that I was a now a Zero (O). My liver enzymes were perfectly normal, actually perfect. At first, I was in shock because I have been waiting for this treatment for a long time. Then seconds later, I was praising Jesus! The head Hematologist said she had never seen such a drastic change for the better in a human liver. In fact, she didn't believe she'd ever read or heard anything like the miracle that happened to me. She actually used the word "Miracle." I replied, "lt is Jesus!!!" She agreed and told me, "Whatever you are doing, keep it up."

I do keep up with prayer and praising Jesus all the time. I could go on with more health problems, and I will for just one more. I've been hospitalized with "Acute Pancreatitis" seven times. This was the worst pain imaginable. Now my pancreas, although severely scarred from my insidious consumption of alcohol, is now performing its functions at 100.

In fact, besides Marine Corps Boot Camp back when I was 18 years old, I have never been in better shape than I am now. I also, for the most part, have no pain. I just turned 51 years old in March and I have been on an amazing journey since December 19th, 2012, the day I entered jail for a 7.5 month stint for "attempting to enter an automobile." This was over 28 months ago. At that time due to my alcoholism, I had burned through three wives and over 100 jobs and have lived in four different states thinking that a geographical change would be my cure. I had no friends left. I hated myself, had lost control of my bowels and would pee myself constantly. My own sister didn't even trust me to take out her trash. I truly had hit rock bottom. Alii had left was prayer, so that is exactly what I turned to. Now do I ever have a story for you!!!

God You Bless All and Praise Jesus!!!

Tim W.