What our clients say about us

No amount or medium of advertising can communicate what we do, or how well it's done, as effectively as the heartfelt commentaries and testimonies of our clients. Below are just a few of the sentiments expressed in the words of those we love and serve through our Women's Recovery Program in Kennessaw, GA. More will soon be added, so feel free to check back later.

My name is Katherine Mitchell I am 31 years old when I entered this program I was lost and very much broken. There were a couple times I wanted to run and as a matter of fact did run once but Mrs. Kathy and Kevin accepted me back. I am about to graduate this program in 2 days I never thought a year ago I would be where I am now. I have learned responsibility, learned how to deal with my issues got back on my meds and MOST IMPORTANTLY FOUND GOD AGAIN. If it wasn't for God and the help of this program I would not be where I am at today working full time, paying my Bill's on my own, sober, and about to get my daughter back I set goals while I was here and I achieved them first one was to get close.to God again, second one was to maintain my sobriety, third one was get my license back, fourth one get a house, I am still currently working on that one but itz happening and it's all because of this program. My Fiance also has been sober 11 months now thanks to God and this program and he was not even in the program it was just the decision he made to stay with me and that's amazing. I have had ups and downs but who doesn't we all do. When we first enter in this place we are broken and shattered but we are loved by the directors and Rosman Patterson and also by our sisters through Christ and Our Brothers. Recovery is possible you just have to put it all in Gods hands and work the steps. Thank yall so much. I love His House.

Katherine M.

Since I came to His House ministries, they have helped me better my life in so many ways. I am able to participate in the most helpful and impacting classes and activities that have motivated me not only in my sobriety. It has allowed me the improvement in all areas of my life that are getting me closer and closer to gaining back custody of my children. I am so blessed to have found a program that truly cares about me and encourages and supports the changes in my life that have opened so many doors for me. Thank you His House Ministries for such an amazing impact.

Tesla A.

This program changed my life. .I have a new life closer to Jesus then I have ever been. I'm so grateful to His House for all they have done for me.

Eve F.

In 2011 my world fell apart. In March my mother died, in June my marriage of 21 years ended, and then in September my 21 year old daughter died of a heroin overdose. I lost my home and all material possessions. I began to self-destruct using whatever drug I could get my hands on.

Being afraid that I too would become a statistic, my older sister moved me from IN. to GA. Although moving to Georgia got me off the streets of Indiana , it did not resolve my chemical dependence. Once again, I was in the streets using and abusing until I finally ended up in Gwinnett County Jail.

Upon my release I was very discouraged, having nowhere to go, no transportation and no money. I was alone and felt hopeless. It seemed my only option was to return to the only life I knew - the "street life".

Fortunately, before that happened I saw a post on Face Book for "His House Ministries". I sent a text to the director telling him my situation and asking for help. He responded letting me know there was a bed available for me. That was the beginning of my new life.

I now have a place to call home. I am getting the help I need to overcome chemical dependency. I am also learning life skills that are enabling me to become a productive member of society. I have maintained sobriety longer than I ever have. I am now employed and feel very positive because of the guidance and support I have been receiving.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. His House Ministries means everything to me...it is hope, reconciliation, recovery and a life filled with promise.

Christine M.

His House Ministries has been such a saving grace for so many of us who are trying to repair our lives and change our ways of thinking. with meaningful group meetings, an open door policy, and heavy involvement in our church, they offer a solid foundation upon which I was able to start over. I've never had such support and encouragement until I came here. They've saved my life and so many others lives around me. Thank you His House.

Kayla Dawn L.